Preorder The Chronicles of Fortune!

Radiator Comics is proud to announce The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard is available for preorder.

The Chronicles of Fortune follows the life of a depressed and ineffectual super hero, Fortuna, and her alter-ego Edith-May as they spend a night on Alcatraz, discover a talking mountain in their apartment, befriend a crying crocodile, and get swindled into buying a $100 goldfish for its alleged singing abilities. This 400-page graphic novel combines material previously published as a series of minicomics, and new chapters to tell a story of loss, depression, friendship and renewal.

Coco Picard is the pen name of Caroline Picard an, artist, publisher and curator. Coco’s work has appeared in such publications as Tender Journal, Projecttile, Diner Journal, Everyday Genius, and Bicycle Review, and she has contributed multiple graphic adaptations to the The Graphic Canon project (Seven Stories Press). Coco’s alter-ego, Caroline is the Executive Director of The Green Lantern Press, a nonprofit publishing house, and Co-Director of Sector 2337, a hybrid artspace/bar/bookstore in Chicago, IL.

To see advanced praise for the book…

“At first seeming like a dreamlike biographical comic with a cool meditative art zine aesthetic, The Chronicles of Fortune slowly reveals a sweet blend of deceptively simple narrative devices and complex philosophical ideas while keeping a fun vibe through the entire comic book ride. You won’t regret injecting this book into your soul.”
-Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War, The Wrenchies)

“The unlikely adventures of an even less likely superhero, The Chronicles of Fortune unspools through history and happenstance gathering into its narrative orbit a ragtag crew of sidekicks and gadflies. Picard draws with the angles and tangles of a witty wire sculpture, and writes along an equally idiosyncratic path through frustration, friendship and loss.”
-Edie Fake (Gaylord Phoenix, Memory Palaces)

“I’ve never read a more whimsical meditation on death and loss. Picard weaves childlike escapism with playful symbolism in a series of melancholy vignettes that somehow overflow with love, humor, and hope.”
-Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul)

The Chronicles of Fortune is Radiator Comics’ first publishing effort.